Sunday, February 14, 2010

Velashape: a non-surgical way to treat Cellulite

Ok, so i admit I HAVE CELLULITE!!! on my thighs. I was researching on the internet ways to treat it. I found this website that was talking about VelaShape.
VelaShape is device used by doctors to treat cellulite. Velashape is based upon "elos technology," which uses bi-polar radiofrequency and infrared light, along with vacuum and mechanical message to purportedly reduce cellulite and thigh circumference.
I found a place in Hawaii that does it. It was pretty costly! I paid about $125 bucks per visit. I did it for 5 days every other day for a week. We took the before and after pictures of my thighs and honestly i did not see one damn change. I was really disappointed. What they did was lay me down on my stomach, and then they place this vaccumm looking thingy which is actually the Velashape Machine. They place it on my cellulite area on my thighs and it kinda burned a lil' it just feels like its burning my skin and vacumming it. I got used to the feeling by the 3rd visit but i was still uncomfortable. I think if i was to do it for like a month straight maybe it would work, but FORGET IT! $500 bucks for useless visits wasn't worth it at all. Well it was worth a try! i guess

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I so have cellulite too and it's ugly...but I know swimming and cold water helps a lot too. Too bad the lakes here are so damn dirty, ugh! Oh well, when I go home, I'll just have to go to the beach everyday!