Sunday, February 14, 2010

Emjoi Soft Caress Gold Cordless Rechargeable Hair Removal System

This is my first epilator i have ever owned. I was watching a review on it from Pursebuzz so I thought I would try it out. I hated shaving my underarms because i would always get that ingrown hairs that turn black. Ughh! so fugly!
I ordered it at for $69.95 When i got it i remember opening it and i honestly got freaked out. it literally look like something that would tear up my skin. lol. (i really was thinking that) but as i read the directions, i was sooo damn amazed! I first tried it on my underarms and it like hurt just little bit, almost like tweezing your hairs on your legs one by one. lol. Well this epilator removed every single hair under my armpits. It was smooth and it had no redness or bumps at all like i get from shaving. I would really recommend this epilator for the world. lol.
Pros: it saved me 100s of bucks from waxing!
Cons: nothing really, just don't put lotion or anything underneath your arms or wherever you try it, because it won't grab the hairs. You have to be clean and product free.

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