Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Brush Set: ECOTOOLS-Earth Friendly Beauty

I'm going GREEN! One Brush at a time!
I was at Walgreens again, (lol) and i saw these new EcoTools 6 piece Bamboo Brush Set. The look of it really caught my eye. Why? it was GREEN!!! So it really stood out to me and it only cost $7.99. But what really made me decide to get it was that its Eco Friendly. That's right guys!!! These brushes are made from natural & recycled materials. The Bamboo handle has a low impact on the earth's resources as it is a highly sustainable plant. The Synthetic Taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free. The Sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminum and the Cosmetic brush roll is made from natural cotton and hemp. And all these brushes came in a Reusable storage pouch. Isn't that frickn' A-W-E-S-O-M-E! This brushes were making me wanna go GREEN. (Seriously) I couldn't wait to open it and see how it felt. So i opened it in my car. (lmao) OMFG! That's all i gotta say!!! the hairs are soooo frickn soft. I compared it too all my brushes and these hairs were wayyy softer than all of them. So i had to put them to the test! They are AMAZING!! They hold eye shadows just as good as MAC brushes do..well shud i say any good brushes! But the difference is that they are ECO-FRIENDLY!!
So let me tell you a little about ECOTOOLS:
-EcoTools are made by the GREEN GODDESS Alicia Silverstone who teamed up with Robert Zall, founder of Paris Presents. Today, Paris Presents creates and distributes comprehensive brands of makeup tools, bath and body liquids and accessories, travel accessories, nail and niche beauty products. Some brands you might know are Body Benefits by Body Image, RAZZ, Studio Basics, Mon image, Ms. Makeup and Now EcoTools.
Green Tip: Turn the water off while brushing your teeth, washing your hands and washing dishes in order to conserve water.
"EcoTools Brushes is the Brush that makes you forget all others"

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