Thursday, February 18, 2010

Milk of Magnesia for your Oily Skin

Believe me!! It really works. I been researching about Milk of Magnesia helping your Oily skin, so i tried it out. I was very amazed! i love it... The first time I applied it to my face, i remember going out shopping for almost 8 hours straight and not once did i ever have to touch up with my powder. I love this very much... and still do!! i've been using this for almost 8 months now.. I have never broke out with acne or anything.. So its been really good!!


  1. I'm not going to lie, but that tripped me out! I love finding out that random things like these are great for your skin, especially the aspirin idea...LOVE it. And you're right, it totally works!

  2. i know huh.. i said the same it exact thing.. i was like wtf??? ha ha ha... but luckily my papa had a extra bottle so i had to just had to give it a try... and wow, how impressed was i... i love it...

  3. Oh Wow that is nuts!! I am def going to try this as well as the aspirin mask =) On youtube Michelle Phan had a video about using Champagne as a toner it so works and your skin feels very refreshed after although it smells at first!!!