Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cake Beauty: Kissably Yummy

Ok i was searching and searching for this lip butter everywhere online. Finally I found it. lol. My cousin had the Mulberry Sorbet and Caramel kiss ones. She had got it as a gift for her birthday. She asked me to try it, because she really really liked it. So i tried a lil' of the Caramel Cream one first because I LOVE CARAMEL. Wow, it was so yummy on my lips. lol. It made my lips really really soft and it kinda gave me a lil soft gold touch to my lips. It looked really pretty. sexy kind. ha ha i felt like eating my lips all day. ha ha... I tried the mulberry sorbet one as well and it was ok. It taste and smelt like a hint of grapes and vanilla more! but i would say more vanilla. But what i really loved about it was it's not just like an ordinary lip butter.. This one actually made my lips feel really soft. When i finally found the name of them, i read more about it and they actually nourishes, moisturizes, and protects lips leaving them dewy, soft and natural with a wash of colour. If you want to try it, i found out that they sell it here in Hawaii at Cinnamon Girl. Yeyyyy!! So excited, now i can get my own... If your not it hawaii, you can also get them at they cost about $10. But they are well worth it... i'm a fan of body scrubs so one day i want to try there bub'scrub'n'rub in citrus squeeze...

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