Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hiking our BackYard Falls(Laie Falls)

I honestly can't believe that I literally live in front of an amazing hike up to Laie Falls.. This was my second time hiking it so I wanted to take my hub on it... No sun was out, it was perfect....  It def kicked my butt, even my hub was like geesh that was a pretty tough hike coming from a soldier(lol).... On our way up, my hub picked some Cherry Guavas... Damn they were sooo was my first time eating them... It took us 2hrs to get up to the falls and thankgod there was water running... It was a bit dirty but I think it was because of other hikers that prob just got outta the water..... Overall it was a beautiful hike just me and my hub...


  1. Hi Kehau, I'm on Oahu too :) Those guavas look yummy!


  2. Wish I was there too!! :( I've been so homesick lately! Great pictures!!