Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My BackBone!!!

My hub is the best I swear... always on the grind with me... He is my backbone, pushes me till I can't push no more... (Vice versa)... We always have a good time lifting as we both teach and try different techniques for an exercise... This is why I love having a home gym, because we can be a crazzy beast at the comfort of our own home and not worry about who the hell is watching u at the gym.... We are def making use of our lil' gym and one day we will be expanding it... Hopefully soon... Until now, I love u hunnie and thankyou for supporting me through this journey... Xo


  1. Great team.
    Keep up the amazing work girl.
    I also love working out with my Boyfriend, great motivation!

  2. Looking as amazing as always! Love having a gym at home. Too bad I never visit it. lol... Keepup the hard work! I nominated you for a blog award. Just paying it forward!! :)