Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 4th of july!

My blogger wasnt letting me upload this post... Uhhhhh... Finally only now lol... Anywho, I spent my 4th of july with my fam bam.. We went to a lil beach right across from sacred falls... Its such a beautiful secluded beach I just love it... We always go free diving there too... We bbq, drank, and did some SUP... That was fun.... Just spending time with the fam is always a blessing... After the beach, we went to turtle bay and sat behind our trucks awaiting the firework show since hawaii banded popping fireworks without a permit... Sukkie right! The show started at 8pm... It was awesome.. I wish it was a lil longer.... I think it was about 7 mins straight... We parked on the side of the road so that when it was done we just book it outta there to beat the traffic cuz it was packed.... $99 for a pop up tent, $150 for bbq food & beer, $20 portable hibachi grill, a day with the most important peeps iny life... "priceless"
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