Friday, February 26, 2010

Rhoto Cool Eye Drops

So i've been hearing alot of great things about these eye drops! Like how fast it relieves redness. My eyes have been red for awhile, i guess from always putting makeup on. I barely give my eyes some rest time. So these eyedrops are $5 dollars at Walmart. It comes in a really cute bottle, almost looking like a perfume huh? lol. It's super cute. The Directions says to apply 1-2 drops, but after watching reviews on them, a lot of people said 1 drop is good enough. Good thing i listened! When i applied one drop to my first eye, OMG!!! It's not like a burning feeling its actually like a really cool icey feeling. Kinda weird but cool. 5 mins later: Redness was gone. I was like wooooooowwww!!! soo cool. I really love this cool eyedrops!


  1. I love these eye drops! They're so refreshing and take away redness quickly.

  2. yes they do... very cooling feeling... love it