Sunday, February 7, 2010

My first Foundation! Estee Lauder

I started freelance modeling right after highschool. That's when i developed an interest in makeup. I used to always look through Seventeen, Vanity fair, and Cosmo girl magazines. Always wondering, how do these celebrities and models have such a beautiful and flawless face. I came to realize it had to be the foundation and maybe Photo shop! lol. Starting out as a first time model i wanted my photos to look like those in the magazines. So i decided to buy my first foundation. Back then i tried out the cheaper drugstore brands because that's all i could afford. I tried one of Revlon's foundation first. I learned to apply it by watching videos on you tube. I remember the moment i put it on, it felt like it was already coming off. lol. So all i could think about is that's what i get for spending $5 bucks on foundation. After getting paid from some of my shoots, i could finally afford some i guess quality foundations. One of my friends mom told me about Estee Lauder. So i decided to try it out. I remember the lady who helped me out. Her name was kim. lol. Cute asian girl. I told her i was looking for foundation and she already knew what type of skin i had just by looking at me. I was trippin' cuz i didn't know what the hell she was talking about. I remember i kept saying, yeah! ok! uh huh! i was so clueless, but she really helped me out. She chose Estee Lauder Equalizer Smart Makeup for combination skin SPF10 in TOFFEE. She kept complementing my skin tone because she couldn't believe how the foundation was a perfect match. As she applied it on my face i remember how lightweight it felt. It felt like i didn't have nothing on. It even made my face look so evened out. and it definetly wasn't falling off. lol. i was already starting to love this foundation. It cost about $30 bucks from what i remember! But i just told myself, if i wanted that flawless face i had to pay that price! So i did! and since that it has been wonders for me!

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