Sunday, February 21, 2010

Milani LipGloss: My first Lipgloss

Ok, so like i mentioned about the Milani Eyeshadows, i wanted to make a separate blog about their lip gloss! I remember in highschool, me and all my friends about 7 of us loved to wear lipgloss. We were more of a natural looking group of friends. Meaning natural makeup, simple clothes, u know just more of a typical chilled girl. After i told them about the Milani Eyeshadows, we looked more into their makeup and one of my friends told me she got the Milani Lipgloss in Clear. She was wearing it on her lips and i remember telling her, "ohh your lips look so lucious" She was like Kehau! you have to try this! So she gave me hers to try! and i was like ohhhh, it smells so good, it kind of reminded me of Li Hing Mui flavor. And mind you, that here in Hawaii, LiHingMui is a sweet an sour powder that you can eat with anything... So yeah it reminded me of that, lol. From what i remember, it made my lips feel really sexy and soft! i really loved it. I remember we would always go to the drugstore once a week to see if it would ever go on sale so we could buy a lot. Once they had a sale it was 2 for 3 bucks! lol. (ahhh memories) Once we almost got into a fight over the lipgloss because she had lost hers and she thought i took it! lol.. and so on... uhh...but I really love this lipgloss, its the only clear lip gloss i ever owned and ever will. This is a very popping lipgloss that i recommend. They also have alot of other colors in the lipgloss, but we weren't into colors back then, we wanted to keep it natural but sexy... So i def wanna try their colors one now because i'm sooooo into colors on my lips...

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