Sunday, February 21, 2010

Milani EyeShadows

These were my absolute first eyeshadows i owned. I couldn't afford MAC back in Highschool days so i stuck to drugstore products. At my local Drugstore, i remember looking for a nice vibrant blue and none of the other brands like revlon, covergirl and maybelline didn't have any. So when i went down the line, i saw a lil' section of the Milani Cosmetics. The whole look caught my eye. I really like the style of their products. Its very eye catching. And i saw this one blue that i have in my palette! I was in love and just so happy. Just looking at the eyeshadows looked very much highly pigmented. So i had to had to get it. Plus+++ it only cost about $3 bucks a piece... I was like OMG that's sooo cheap. I was a bit skeptical just because its so cheap that i was wondering if its even pigmented. So when i got home, i did a lil' swatch and put it on my eyelids. I was soooo amazed of how highly pigmented they actually are. The blue just stood out on my eyes and i didn't even apply alot, it's just highly pigmented! From that point, i remember saving money every day just to have every single eyeshadow in the Milani line. I was hooked and still am.... lol. Milani you are and still is my favorite Drugstore Brand!!!

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