Friday, February 5, 2010

Did you know that Blackheads can be DEADLY!

I was watching The Dr. Oz Show this morning and was so startled by this Statement: "Blackheads can be Deadly" My first thought was, "yeah right, whatever Dr!" But as i continued to watch the show, Dr. Oz explained it all. He said that there is blood vessels that run along the outside of your nose, they call it the "Triangle of Death" and i guess we get more pimples/blackheads there. So if you was to pop it or squeeze it a wrong way, the white puss in it can get into your blood and it can be deadly... I was in total shocked... i always pop my pimples because i didn't like it being on my face. i'm pretty sure we've all done that. But now there are ways to treat it correctly. Dr. Oz suggested a PIMPLE EXTRACTOR.... Well all i gotta say is, Thankyou Dr. Oz... i won't be popping no more pimples!

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