Thursday, February 4, 2010

Want affordable MAClike quality Eyeshadows?

Then check out
i was very skeptical before i brought these palettes, but after reading and watching many reviews on it i was like, "ok what do i gotta lose?" $20 bucks!!!.... so i decided to order it... I ordered the 120COLORPALETTE 2nd Edition over the 1st Edition because i really like the colors in it... and i also ordered the 6COLORSPALETTE Contour & Blush Palette.... it took about 4 days to receive it and i live in Hawaii... so that was a BIG PLUS for me!!! Before i opened it all that was going through my mind was, "these shadows better not be in pieces!" so when i opened it i couldn't believe how in perfect condition it was..Good job guys!! Oh boy! the colors were so vibrant just looking at it... the palette includes both matte and shimmer colors and each one is about a dime size... but that little goes a long way.. so i did a couple swatches with the reds, oranges, yellows, pink and blues..... and OMG!! every color was so highly pigmented... as for the Contour Blush Palette, all i gotta say is wow!!! The colors are all matte and i can use 3 of the colors as my finishing powder... also, i think the colors will compliment any skin tone...that is what i really love about it, I just can't believe how affordable there palettes are...They range from $16.95 to $29.95..The best part i love about it is how much of a high quality shadows they are... i absolutely love these palettes... i just ordered the 88 ultra shimmer and 88 matte palettes.... i can't wait to get them and create some fun, and crazy looks...
-They are also having a sale if you buy any 2 you get 10% off-

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