Saturday, February 6, 2010

Aspirin: a cheap skin clearing product!

Aspirin is made out of Salicylic Acid a.k.a Beta Hydroxy Acid, BHA for short. BHA is an exfoliant and has Anti-inflammatory Properties. If you check with your local drugstores many of their beauty products , like skin care creams have BHA and it works by exfoliating the dull, dead layers of skin, revealing fresh new skin underneath. Over time, Aspirin can help clarify skin tone and promote healing of blemishes. Don’t forget Honey !. Honey contains enzymes that are proven to heal the skin. It also helps to restore and rejuvenate the skin making it appear younger, softer and smoother. If your allergic to honey, use AloeVera instead.
After reading about it, I decided to try it. I bought a 200tablet Uncoated Aspirin bottle from Walgreens for only 99cents. I couldn’t believe it!!! I took out 3 uncoated tablets and poured it out on a plate, I added 1 tablespoon of warm water and let it stand till the tablets dissolved. Then I added 1 squirt of honey. I like to use the honey because it like an adhesive base. Using my fingers, i mixed the honey into the dissolved aspirin. Then I applied it all over my face with gentle circular motions. The feeling is very gritty! But it feels like its doing a deeper exfoliation. I waited 15 minutes. Then Rinsed. My face felt soooooo Baby soft I was soooooo amazed. I love it!!

“I wish I did my research before buying all this expensive skin clearing products”


  1. i'm gonna try this! did you follow with a moisturizer? if so, what do you recommend? =)

  2. well my moisturizer i use is OLAY Complete All day UV moisturizer UV skin shield SPF 15 for Comb/oily. I honestly prefer anyone to follow it with their moisturizer. as long as it has SPF.. just keep it below 50 though... but yes def follow it with moisturizer...