Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Vanity Girl Hollywood Mirror

OMGeeeeeee...... How freekn sexy is it.... So I was very skeptical in buying this.... I did my own DIY hollywood glam vid on it which was wayyyy cheaper, I saved a hella lot... But I really wanted this... I have a problem of changing my room around a lot, and I always have to drill a whole in my way everywhere just to put it up.... So, since my bday is coming up I decided u know what I'm getting this for me as an early bday present hahahaha... And so I did... I know it is hella pricey, but I really wanted it... I couldn't believe it took 3 days to get to me... Remember I live in hawaii.... I came home from work and saw it in my living room... I was sooo excited....the next morning my hub helped me put it together it was really really easy..... But I actually modified mines.... I'm super happy with it... It dims and lights up hella bright too, and it also has 2 outlets for any hott tools... It works lovely.... I'm sooo stoked.... I say, if u have the money and want it badly, splurge ladies... Its so worth it.... Xoxo


  1. so pretty... I've always wanted one. where did you get yours? Happy early birthday beautiful!

  2. so cool!! Where did you get it? hmmm... I think I need an early Christmas present. lol...

  3. That is way COOL!! I would totally get me one but I don't think I'd spend enough time w/it to realy get my $$'s worth. You totally deserve this, so happy for you. Maybe one day when I'm as good as you are with makeup and hair I'd get me one lol