Saturday, October 8, 2011

My huge Hello Kitty!!!

My hubbie bought this for me for our anniversary... I thought that was the sweetest thing ever... I came home from work and walked in my room and saw her sitting on my bed with the a letter he wrote... I broke down and cried, it meant so much to me... My hub is the best I swear... But HK is even better... Hahah love them both....


  1. thats so sweet! i love hk too. im new to ur youtube channel but so happy i came across you =D

  2. that's soooo sweeeet. if my husband did that for me (which he Probably wouldn't lol) I think i'd break down and cry too!!!

  3. Thanks lovez!! i couldn't believe it myself... i was sooo stoked and cried happy tears.... my hub is the sweetest ever!!