Saturday, May 14, 2011

Best exfoliater: Magic Peeling Glove

Exfoliation is very important for ur skin... The whole purpose of exfoliating is to remove the nasty dead skin and to have and improve ur skin... Before I discovered the magin peeling glove, my exfoliating routine was tanning at the beach with my hawaiian tropic dark oil and rubbing the sand as if im exfoliating.. Pretty harsh huh! Well, now since having this magic peeling glove, I have seen my dead skin literally fall off my skin... Its like magic but real... This product is awesome... The cost is $32 bucks which I think is awesome because u can reuse it up to 60 times and u only exfoliate once a week so pretty much this glove can last u up to 15 months.... All I have to say is, throw all ur scrubs, loofahs, creams awayyyy.... This glove works amazing...
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Here is my review and more info on this Magical Glove:


  1. Wow, I'm so interested in this product!

  2. Yes hun, this product is seriously MAGICALLY AMAZING!!! I am soo in love i promise you!!! Especially for lasting over A YEAR!!! if your interested in getting it go to there website: and Use this Coupon Code: KTDOLLZ to get 15% OFF
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    Have a lovely weekend hun!!!