Monday, February 22, 2010

Almay 16hr No Smudge Eyeliner

My friend had told me about these eyeliners, well because i asked her in class one day about the eyeliner she was using because it would be so black all day in class. So she showed it to me and it was the Almay No Smudge Eyeliner. I remember right after class i went to my local Drugstore called Longs Drugstore. I had to get it because the Mac power point one was just not doing it for me. It kept leaking from my waterline and i always after like 30 mins i had to touch up over and over again. So when i tried this one it actually held up longer than like The Mac powerpoint eyeliner and any other eyeliners i have. But it did not hold up for 16hrs. I had to apply i would say every 3-5 hours whenever i remembered. But i would still recommend it honestly because this eyeliner is the best eyeliner i have ever tried and they held up wayyy longer than all my other eyeliners. These are the only eyeliners i would ever use!

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